Ventilation Glossary

RR = Respiratory Rate

Ti = Inspiratory time

Te = Expiratory time

TV = Tidal volume

MV = Minute ventilation

MAP = Mean airways pressure

PIP = Peak Inspiratory Pressure

PEEP = Positive end expiratory pressure

ΔP = delta-P = difference between PIP and PEEP

FiO2 = Fraction of inspired oxygen

SaO2 = Saturation level of oxygen in haemoglobin

PaO2 = Partial pressure of oxygen in blood

CMV = Continuous mandatory ventilation

SIMV = Synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation

SIPPV = Synchronised intermittent positive pressure ventilation

PCAC = Pressure control assist control ventilation

PSV = Pressure support ventilation

VG = Volume Guarantee

CPAP = Continuous positive airways pressure

BIPAP = Bilevel continuous positive airways pressure

NIV = Non-invasive ventilation

HFOV = High frequency oscillatory ventilation

Oxygenation index = mean airway pressure * FiO2 * 100)/PaO2 (calculation used in intensive care medicine to measure the fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) and its usage within the body)