7 Top Tip's for the START assessment

1) Don't over think it. Read the scenario and deal with it as you would in real life

2) It's not an exam. But it will look and feel like an exam. Don't let that put you off. It's an exam  that's not an exam, essentially.

3) For all the stations there is a beginning, a middle and an end i.e. Acute management, the next 24 hours then long term plan. Plus remember the 'call a friend' option I.e. asking a senior consultant for advice/input.

4) When you are prescribing - imagine a beady eyed pharmacist on one shoulder and a hawk eyed senior sister on the other as they watch you scribe.

5) 3+ hours is mega long. Mega. Go to the loo just before & if you need to just before the prescribing/critical appraisal prep.

6) You have 8mins per station. Just talk. Talk through your beginning, middle and end. Take the lead with the discussion. Be calm and sound confident.  Sometimes it may seem that you're not saying what they want you to say...but as point no. 1 says, deal with each scenario as you would in real life. Don't over think it.

7) Prepare an 8 minute teaching topic in case you get the 'topic of your choice option'. At least then your mind won't go blank on the day

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