5 Top Tips to ensure your clinical exams goes smoothly

1) Research well and leave plenty of time to get to your exam location. There is nothing worse than arriving flustered and late. If your exam is far away from your home town, it may be worth booking into a nearby hotel the evening before to avoid difficulties with morning traffic etc.

2) Make sure you relax the evening before the exam. A good night’s sleep and a clear head will do you a lot more good than that last minute cramming session you had in mind.

3) Wear smart but relatively light clothing that you feel good in. You’re likely to be nervous and feel hot and sweaty during the exam. The aim of the exam is to replicate what you would be doing routinely at work and therefore you should really aim to wear clothes similar to those that you wear at work. If you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, you are likely to perform better.


4) Take advantage of the free water that is likely to be offered between exam stations but be careful not to drink too much as the exam lasts over 150 minutes and the 4 minute rest periods in between stations are much better used for focusing on your next station than trying to cram in a loo break.

5) Once a station is done, it’s done! Even if it was horrible and you felt you performed badly there is nothing you can do about it so move on, refocus and wow the examiners at the next station.

And REMEMBER, You’re a Paediatrician. This is just what you do day-in, day-out at work. Just treat this day as you would any other…

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