New Years Resolutions of a Paediatrician

1) I will reflect on my e-portfolio at least once a week. When I write reflections I will avoid sounding angry or sarcastic to prevent awkwardness at my next ARCP.

2) I will write up that case report, audit, project within 6 months of completing it and not 2 years later


3) I will not rant about paediatric rotas at home. I will limit my work ranting to 10 minutes daily


4) I will be rational in my prescription of antibiotics, considering carefully their use and not succumbing to parental pressures or expectations.

5) I will not use Salbutamol in the under 1’s as there is no proper evidence supporting it’s use.


6) If it looks like bronchiolitis, it’s probably bronchiolitis. I will not perform unnecessary chest X-rays that will inevitably show ‘streaky perihilar inflammatory change’

7) I will do my bit in the fight against childhood obesity and not allow this to be ignored when a child presents with an acute medical problem

8) I will be vehement in my battle against parental smoking, although supportive and understanding of the difficulties associated with stopping


9) I will not allow ‘Archives of Disease in Childhood’ to accumulate in the form of a cellophane wrapped tower in my living room. Instead I will read at least 2 articles per issue and always read education in practice in full.


10) I will watch Frozen/Doc McStuffin/ CBeebies as an important research activity in order that I can have more in common with my patient population


11) I will always eat my lunch at work. Although one can survive on ‘Roses’ chocolates…this is not ideal.


12) I will sort out my taxes and claim my rebate on RCPCH fees


13) I will passionately promote paediatrics to medical students and junior colleagues, and aim to be inspirational in my practice, helping to fix the current recruitment crisis.

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