Dear Me- A Letter to my self by  Nakul Gupta 

Dear Me


Here I am at the end of my training wishing that I had this conversation with myself when I started training. So here it goes. Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask.

First and foremost: Enjoy yourself, it is the only way you will make it through the next 8 or so years. You are going to meet some great people, most of whom you will work with in a number of different places and some of whom will become close friends.  If you take things too seriously you will miss out on some great moments and opportunities.

Secondly: Respect everyone, especially the nurses, they will be your greatest ally, make those long hard nights go quickly, ensure you stay fed and hydrated and give you some great advice when you just don’t quite know what to do. If you piss them off they will rightly “tear you a new one. “

Get involved with every project, audit you can and don’t just leave it to the last few years when you realize your CV is empty… but sometimes its also okay to say no as you CAN’T do eight audits and guidelines all at once

Doc McStuffins is your friend… and will get kids to like you!!

Make sure you take time to know your patients and their results as this will help you make sensible and safe decisions.

Trust your gut when things don’t quite feel right… they often aren’t.

Last but by no means least do not take the problems of your work home with you… is too short and the job is hard enough and we all need to take time out to enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

So there it is my pearls of wisdom, use them wisely

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