Global Health Videos

All of Hans Roslings TED talks

Talks cover most aspects of global health and how the world has changed/is changing in relation to health

DFTB17 Talk: Refugee Health

Informative (if a bit dry) talk on child refugee health in Australia

DFTB17 Talk - Syria: What is a doctor now

MSF doctors experience of trying to provide aid to Syrian refugees trapped in the "Bern" area - i.e. no mans land between Syria and Jordan

DFTB17: Eradicating scabies

Talk on scabies - it's a neglected tropical disease now...

DFTB17: Rheumatic heart disease

Very good talk about rheumatic heart disease in Timor Leste


DFTB17: Paediatrics in South Africa

Why did Mrs X die?

An interesting and informative animation about the dangers women face during pregnancy and childbirth

Videos demonstrating how to perform obstetrics procedures in low resource settings

Professor Warrell: Building a Career in Tropical Medicine

MSF Paediatric Days: Senegal 2017

Lancet blog write up of the two days:

MSF Paediatric Days: Stockholm 2016

MSF Health Priorities during Humanitarian Emergencies