Essential apps for any

hardworking paediatrician 

The team at BTTB were discussing what app’s we used and felt were vital to help at work: We thought we would compile our top 5 app’s to help you through your busy working day.






Are there any more that you use in your clinical practice? Let us know and we can add them to our list

Dr Hannah Murch

  • “Paediatric emergencies”: This is brilliant for any resus scenario as it provides time critical information when dealing with acutely unwell or arrested children. You put in the age and estimated weight of the child and it will give you drug doses and algorithms from ALSG for clinical situations from croup to cardiac arrest. I work in PEM and use this app for every child I see in resus, it is perfect for acting as an “aide memoire” for those high adrenaline situations.


  • “BNFc”: We appreciate that all clinical area’s have a BNF to use but how often do you spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for one?! This very user friendly app means all the information you need is in your pocket, cutting down on time wasting!



  • “Mersey burns app”: This is incredibly useful if you work in ED or general paeds and see children presenting with burns. You input their age and then draw on where the burns are. It will tell you what % burns are present (saving valuable brain power!) and also tell you what fluid regime to use based on the time of burn. This is really easy to use and especially when it comes to fluids, very useful!



  • “RCH clinical practice guidelines”: Obviously your hospital may have its own guidelines for various clinical presentations. If they don’t have the particular condition you need, this app from the Children’s hospital in Melbourne is incredibly useful. It has a great range of conditions from ITP to trauma and comes into its own for the middle of the night when you just want to check on management for conditions.


  • “Neomate”: This has been highly recommended from colleagues in neonates and is essential in those situations with acutely unwell neonates. It gives drug doses, fluid calculations and checklists to make your time in neonates as smooth as possible.