Top 5 E-Portfolio Hacks

For those of us who are e-portfolio challenged…..


  1. Change your homepage to the eportfolio log in page – bit nerdy? Yes, it is. Does it work to remind you to use it? Yes, it most certainly does.

  2. Linking to the curriculum is easier if you open up the curriculum first then link to your development logs or PDP, rather than the other way around! This way you can see which parts of the curriculum need attention too.

  3. Write your reflections in free text (i.e. in word or google docs) and cut and paste into the reflective event form/page.  Your reflections will be way better.

  4. Change the random username you were given initially to something more user friendly that you are less likely to forget.

  5. To make your PDPs smart – cut and paste the relevant parts of the curriculum and edit it to your needs – easy!

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