Dear Kaizen- I Want,

1. The ability to use Kaizen through all the common internet browsers. Many trusts are still in the dark ages of Internet Explorer….

2. A more user friendly FAQ section. I am still clueless about Goals vs PDP…


3. The ability to jump in and out of the portfolio during a supervisor meeting so that we don’t have to continuously go out of and reload the form.


4. A clear separate section with all the declarations – and not halfway down a dropdown list….I found these 5 months into the job!


5. An icon or two on my homepage/dashboard with a tally of the various reflections/entries I have done vs yet to do….


6. An easily accessible up to date table of all the assessments I need at my stage of training/ maybe incorporated with the reflection tally!


7. My MSF form to be shorter and more succinct. Why are you so long and so boring? Your current setup just has me cutting and pasting from the GMC website.  No energy left for actual meaningful feedback, after filling in all the ones with a red *


8. A form specific for my QI projects; where I can detail the PDSA cycle and what I’ve achieved.


9. Somewhere I can specifically highlight my publications & postgraduate qualifications beyond MRCPCH.


10. Somewhere I can enter in my experiences outside training that have been just as important in shaping my career as a paediatrician.

11. A more organised Library that doesn’t involve me opening a folder within a folder within a folder to access a file to upload to yet another reflection

12. Bulk tagging, sounds great in principle, but when you actually try….it doesn’t make sense – please make it easy again.

13. A proper how to guide. I suspect this would rival a PhD thesis but it needs to be done.

Overall, I want you to not be the weird electronic tick box mess you have become. Since you moved to Kaizen I have become less and less engaged with you.  Every time I try to do something that would have taken me minutes; now takes about half an hour to actually figure out how to do it before I can make a start.…..

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