Christmas Quiz Answers


1. Methanol poisoning

  • Causes toxic optic neuropathy, blurred vision (snowfield or snow storm vision), dilated pupils, optic disc congestion and can result in permanent blindness

  • Blurred or snowfield vision in methanol poisoning usually resolves.

  • Long-term outcomes for patients presenting with complete blindness is unpredictable.

2. Christmas Eye

  • Infection creates a superficial conjunctival/corneal ulcer à painful stinging sensation & temporary loss of vision.

  • It is a severe chemical reaction to plant & dust matter.

  • The infection usually only occurs in late November through to January

  • Also known as Alpine Eye

3. Stridorosi ornamenti chronicus

  • An urgent laryngotracheal bronchoscopy was done which showed:

  • A flat plastic Christmas tree embedded within the granulomatous cords causing complete obstruction à tracheostomy prior to extraction.

4. Named after Stephen Christmas

(12 February 1947 – 20 December 1993)

The first patient described as having Haemophilia B in 1952 by a group of British doctors.

5. Tiny Tim had renal tubular acidosis (type I)

  • RTA type 1 – characterized by growth failure & if left untreated à osteomalacia & pathological fractures, hypokalaemic muscle weakness, periodic paralysis, nephrocalcinosis à renal failure à death.

  • It was treatable during Dickens’ lifetime.


Thus the following quotation from the Ghost of Christmas Present says Tiny Tim would die “only if the present remains unchanged.”

  • Another theory is that he could have had Rickets.

6. ‘Pine cone sign’ of neuropathic bladder.

7. Brainstem

8. Consumption of holly berries à D&V, drowsiness, coma. Death is rare.

Bonus answer: 20 berries may be a lethal dose.

9. 85 calories

10. Gingerbread

11. Intussusception

a) – Damson

b) – Plum

c) – Redcurrant


a) Dr Benjamin Spock

b) Dr Hilary Cass (Ex-President of RCPCH)

c) Dr Jane Collins (Chief Executive of GOSH)

d) Prof. Neena Modi (Current President of RCPCH)