12 Days of Christmas Quiz

Working Christmas Day and things a little ‘Q’ –  Try our quiz to keep you entertained….


1. Drinking which alcohol can result in “snow storm” vision?

2. What is the name of this seasonal ophthalmological condition?


3. A 2 year old boy presents in March with acute airway obstruction after a 15 month history of ‘noisy breathing and hoarseness’.

  • A lateral neck X-Ray is performed.

  • What is the most likely aetiology







4. Who was Christmas disease (factor IX deficiency/ Haemophilia B) named after?











5.  What disease is most likely to have affected Tiny Tim in Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’?

6. What sign is shown here on this cystogram?








7. What part of the brain in a cranial ultrasound scan produces the ‘Christmas tree’ sign?







8. What are the symptoms of holly berry poisoning?

Bonus point: How many berries are lethal?

9. How many calories are used up when decorating a Christmas tree for 30 mins?







10. Which festive food helps aches & pains?

11. What disease is associated with redcurrant jelly stools?

Bonus point (s): Which of these is redcurrant jelly?





                           A                                      B                                       C            

Name the others

12.  Who are these Paediatricians?

                     A                                  B                                        C                                D

Answers are available here


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